Thursday, 13 September 2012

A not so New York cheesecake.....

Although I have never been to New York and can't for sure say that I have tested a real New York cheesecake, I can definitely say that a creamy vanilla cheesecake is one of my favourites. I used to love the ones they did in Waitrose at their bakery counter but I think they have changed; they used to have a bready textured base rather than digestive-y.

I first came across Japanese cheesecake via Sprinkle Bakes Cotton Soft Japanese Cheesecake; it looked so fluffy and delicious. Although I find baked cheesecakes daunting, I made one once which I forced my boyfriend and his family to test, it never rose and it was very heavy. I decided to be brave and make this one purely because it looks so nice!

Sprinkle Bakes recipe has been converted to American measurement but she helpfully added the original recipe from Diana's Desserts. I took the measurements from Diana's website and Sprinkle's directions. Both recipes call for cake flour which I haven't found, so I researched about it and found that McDougalls' supreme sponge flour had the same protein levels as cake flour. Although it is self-raising flour, which I don't think cake flour is, I still went ahead with it.

Definitely cover your cheesecake with aluminium foil to stop it from browning, I didn't because it would have hit the ceiling of my oven but I will adjust that next time.
Mine had no lemon juice in it but I am tempted to use Matcha green tea powder in the recipe next time, I think it would taste great.

Once baked, I left it alone to cool (as hard as that was!) and then gently removed the spring-form pan sides along with the greaseproof paper. When it completely cooled I put it in the fridge overnight.
Although the cake is great on its own I had it with some blackcurrant curd I bought from a National Trust shop, which went beautifully with it. I served it up with some jasmine green tea.
I would definitely recommend this cake, it's so light and yummy!
Ciao! x

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