Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Seeking inspiration.....

In a couple weeks I will be making a cake for my friend's bridal shower and I am a bit stuck for ideas. My friend is a fan of bright colours and I am tempted to make something REALLY pink and fluffy- ish. I adore the pink ruffle cakes in Sweetapolita's Ruffles & Roses: A Mad(ish) Tea Party post, they are just too pretty to eat. But knowing that I can't quite pull off ruffles like that just yet, I was thinking of making a "normal" layered cake with some colourful decorations.

As I was trying to get some inspiration today I popped into Lakeland, as you do when you don't need anything.....and I came across something I have been meaning to order from Amazon for ages, a mini doughnut silicone mould. This of course meant that I had to come straight home and try it out immediately.

I searched for a recipe and decided to use the new peach shade I have for the icing. The results I must say were pretty tasty and it's definitely something I might use for the cake in a couple of weeks!

A couple of pics below of the tiny delights. Good things do come in small packages!

I love using my mini Nybro boat shaped bowl, so glad I made that purchase in Sweden.


 Until next time....ciao!

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