Sunday, 18 November 2012

A weekend of no baking but a visit to Squires Kitchen!

I have spent most of this weekend wrapped up under my slanket and been looked after by my lovely boyfriend. I don't know what I have caught but it has been very unpleasant and I hope I'm on the road to recovery!
Being ill and all, I decided that this weekend shall be bake free. This is very hard for me but I rather not pass on my germs via baked goods, it would be a terrible crime!

But just because I can't bake, it doesn't mean that all baking related activities are off:0)
So much to my delight my boyfriend offered to take me to a shop I have been itching to go to.....Squires Kitchen! This lovely shop is in Farnham, a cute little market town in Surrey. I wrapped up really warm and we made our way there in the morning. I asked my boyfriend to please make sure I didn't go overboard!

We arrived and the shop looked so inviting!
I was very disciplined and tried to think of things I really wanted rather than just stuffing my basket. I picked up the below and decided to stop there. There is always next time :0)

I bought rose syrup for my next batch of Ispahan macarons, a mould with different motifs (one of which is an angel), rolled icing in turquoise and beige (white chocolate flavoured), gold spray, berry powder mix, and MMP (Mexican Modelling Paste), a free transfer sheet and turquoise cupcake cases. I adore this colour so I got the rolled icing to go with the case.  I absolutely loved the shop and will definitely go back.

Squires Kitchen is an international Bakery School and I will definitely try to attend a few courses. Unfortunately majority of them are during weekdays. Do check them out though, click on the name for their website; Squires Kitchen.
After the shopping we worked up an appetite and decided to go for a Sunday roast. We came across this little lion and lamb woodcarving, I had to send the picture to my sister because she loves lions.

We ended up at a pub called Nelson's Arms in Farnham. The roast was delicious and the staff were lovely. At 12.30 majority of their tables were already reserved and we were lucky enough to grab a table in the corner for ourselves. If you ever find yourself in Farnham, I would recommend this place!

Next weekend is my boyfriend's brother's fiance's (that sentence is long!) hen do and I can't wait. We are going to Sanderson's hotel and having Afternoon Tea Mad Hatter's style. I will definitely be taking lots of pictures and eat my weight in clotted cream (well, probably not but I LOVE clotted cream so I will eat a lot of it!)

Have a great week, ciao! x

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