Sunday, 7 October 2012

Génoise sponge and a week of chocolate!

It's Sunday and we have just finished having our roast chicken with veggies, we went off piste and had cous cous instead of roast potatoes! Controversial I know, but we wanted to keep it light....well leave room for dessert.

I have been itching all week to bake and when Saturday came, I went to the shops in search of Matcha Green Tea powder. One of our local health shops did not disappoint, although at £18.00 per pop I will be using it rather sparingly! My boyfriend's face was a picture when he saw the receipt....whoops:0)

The tin is smaller than a small Green Giant corn tin!!

I have been wanting to make a Genoise ever since I have been watching the GBBO and I had a recipe in mind when I bought this. You can find the recipe here Matcha- Almond Génoise Layer Cake.

The recipe doesn't call for mixing the egg and sugar in a bain marie but instead mixing yolks with icing sugar until the mixture has gone really pale. Génoise sponge recipes don't use any chemical help to rise and it's all meant to be up to the poor little eggs in the recipe. Therefore this recipe involves whipping the egg whites separately until you get stiff peaks, like a meringue. Then you incorporate it with the yolks+ icing sugar mixture.

The mixture did not look pretty.
Nor did the sponge......
But the final product looked good, I'm a bit annoyed because somewhere between the picture below and the living room I managed to forget to take a picture of a slice of the cake. I also skipped the white chocolate mixture and went with whipped cream because Strictly Come Dancing was starting!

It was delicious and there are sceptic green tea people out there whom I don't blame, but there is no bitter taste and the almond goes really well with it. The best part is there is NO fat.

This week is CHOCOLATE week, it must surely be one of the better weeks out there. So I decided to kick start the week, yes on this week's Sunday, by using my cupcake moulds and make tiny desserts for tonight.

These are pretty wonderful cakelets with swirled whipped cream. They are sat in a puddle of chocolate ganache:0)

Hope you indulge in as much chocolate this week as I will! Ciao!x

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